Berthet: Datum Black Men's Mechanical Watch

Founded in 1888, master watchmakers Berthet are  known as one of the greats and with excellent reason. Producers of quality automatic movements that are recognized internationally, delivering excellent precision they also specialise in distinguished pocket and wristwatches which skilfully combine astounding aesthetics with traditional methods and modern techniques.

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Phenomen: Axiom Architecture that inspires special visual emotion-unrivalledsuperlative performance

At the forefront of watch-making Phenomen, are an independent Besançon based French brand, formed by a trio of innovative professionals. Founder Alexandre Meyer, graduate engineer of IFMA,distils threefundamental values: complex mechanics and a bold design in an object of ideal size. Passionately working with ingenuity and in alignment with the brand's core values are watchmaker and creator Sylvain Nourisisson and Maime Colson, who designs watch prototypes.


Presenting Hegid's evolutionary journey La Montre Française proudly showcases our collaboration with the innovative French brands unique approach to watchmaking. An evolutionary patented system which swiftly allows the wearer to change the entire watch in ten seconds, effortlessly putting them in charge. 


Times are changing, to last we have to adapt. 

Saint Honoré Focus

Saint Honoré: Saint Honoré: Eiffel Tower - A unique combination of history, precision and architectural creativity

Like Paris itself the Tour Eiffel Collection is jaw dropping beautiful, a unique combination of tradition, creativity and elegance.Existing for over a century, Saint Honoré proudly present this limited to 64-pieces worldwide exceptional timepiece. Winning the world's first in a timepiece not just because of it's scarcity and excellence, but because it comes with something quite remarkable. Saint Honoré have created this collectors timepiece with a bezel formed from  steel used to make the girders in the Eiffel Tower, one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Certain to please horology enthusiasts in search of differentiation of a world's first.


Saint Honoré

La Montre Francaise are proud to present Saint Honoré Paris. Founded in 1885, this astounding 125 year old French watch brand exemplifies the desires and aspirations that make Paris unique. Like the city of light, love, romance and fashion. Saint Honoré are driven by their passion to keep the city as a central element of its unique collections. Such as, the beautiful Opera Summer Set; radiating French flair this timepice exemplifies femmnity and Pariaisn panache.


Let your imagination run riot as you join us on our exciting collaborative journey through the thrilling city of Paris with Saint Honoré. Enjoy sunny strolls along boulevards, be enthralled by the Eiffel Tower the very emblem of France. Be seduced by the jaw droppingly beautiful Automatic Tour Eiffel 'Red Wheel', a legendary piece of history on your wrist, Saint Honoré have remarkably created this collectors timepiece with a bezel hewn from the French capital's most famous monument.


Like Paris with its twenty exceptionally unique neighbourhoods; each offering a fresh flavor of the city, Saint Honoré fuses the old with the new by applying innovative applications of French artistry combined with supreme watchmakers craftsmanship to create colllections of prestige and elegance. All of them showcasing the wonderful places and faces of Paris: Haussman, Opera, Monceau, Orsay, Trocadero, Auteuil. Each collection is equally inspiring. We invite you to travel with us for indulgent glimpses of life in Paris.

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