LIP, creatively taking us back in time.

When you hear the word “LIP”, what comes to your mind? The lips of a beautiful woman? A lip rouge up to date? Or maybe the character named Lip in the American TV drama Shameless? For us, we immediately think of the watch making pioneer - LIP.

LIP is more than just a word composed by three letters. It implicates the spirit of being loyal, innovative and passionate which its watches are endowed with. LIP was originally a workshop created by Emmanuelle Lipmann in 1867 making it one of the first French watch brands to exist. Now, LIP has been developed into one of the largest watch brands in France. It is truly a pioneer.

The LIP Mach 2000 is probably the most impressive collection to date. First created by Roger Tallon in 1973, it continues to take its position even in today’s original-design watches. LIP Mach 2000 overturns the traditional watch style. It blurs the strict lines between a serious watch and a childlike toy watch. The case is made from black brushed stainless steel that expresses a masculine wisdom and maturity. The white and yellow hands on the black dial, making it easy for it owner to read the time. In contrast to the case, on the right side three globose buttons are used to set the time. Each of them uniquely designed in yellow, blue and red respectively, which reminds us of the playful bubble gum in our childhood. Who's to say we can no longer be childish when we’ve grown up?


LIP可不仅仅是三个字母组成的单词那么简单,它更涵盖了LIP品牌的制表精神---忠诚(loyal),创新(innovate),热情(passionate)。1867年,Emmanuelle Lipmann在法国贝松桑开了一家小型手表工坊,这便是LIP的前身。那时除了LIP,法国还没有其他本土的钟表品牌。如今这家工坊已经发展成为了法国最大的手表品牌之一。可以说LIP是法国钟表史上真正的开拓者了。

LIP Mach 2000是LIP家最令人印象深刻的一款手表。它颠覆了传统的手表样式,既拥有成熟严谨的风范,又不乏童真的乐趣。表壳有黑色拉丝不锈钢材质制成,尽显男性的睿智与沉稳。表盘上黄白相间的指针十分显眼,看时间更加方便。表壳右侧有红黄蓝三个球形按钮,用于调整时间和日期。这三个按钮像是童年记忆中的泡泡糖,让人怀念无比。谁说人们长大了就不能保有一颗童心呢?