FOB PARIS, the young French brand reviving old traditions.

When we recall some of those old classic black and white films of the last century, a particular scene always comes to my mind: a gentle man in a classic suit pulling out a vintage pocket watch form the inside of his jacket on the left side of chest. This seldom happens in life nowadays as people wear wrist watches more frequently and less watch brands focus on the art of pocket watchmaking. However, a young watch brand named FOB PARIS, not only makes the old memories alive again, but also integrates them with more beautiful aesthetics and a twist of modern fashion.

FOB PARIS was created in 2012 by three close friends who have all inherited pocket watches from their fathers and thus were inspired to redevelop this tradition into the modern day watch making business. Every watch from FOB PARIS is assembled by hand in France, making perfection more perfect. FOB PARIS designers draw their inspiration from both techniques and aesthetics, from the past and from their fascination for the future, to create pieces that are not only watches, but pieces of jewelry; that do not only give time, but a physical representation of time.

FOB PARIS named its collection of pocket watches “LEGACY”. For the collection of Rehab 50, the brand reformed the traditional pocket watches and developed them into elegant, modern and distinctive accessories. Here at La Montre Française, we took a personal shining to the Rehab 50 Gold. The integration of the sumptuous gold and piano black highlights the delicate design in each piece, revealing a modest luxury. When the watch cover is open, you can see that the watch case made from black brushed stainless steel is rimmed by a circle of rich gold. Every pocket watch is sold with an individual chain with which you can wear your modern pocket watch as a necklace.

每当我回想上个世纪制作的一些黑白电影时,脑海中就会浮现一幕场景:一位身着西装的绅士风度翩翩地从胸前左侧的口袋里掏出一块怀表。如今生活中很少能看到这种景象。人们大多都佩戴腕表,也很少有品牌致力于生产怀表了。然而,一个年轻的手表品牌FOB PARIS让过去的记忆重回到现实中,并且还将其与更多的美学与当代时尚融为一体。

FOB PARIS由三位好朋友创建于2012年。他们从父亲那里继承的怀表中得到灵感,想要将这项工艺传承发展下去。FOB PARIS的每一只手表均由手工组装,可谓精益求精。品牌的设计师从技艺和美学,从过去和对未来的幻想与迷恋中获取灵感。他们设计出的不仅是手表,更是珠宝饰品。这些饰品不仅告诉佩戴者时间,而是让佩戴者切身感受时间,触摸时间。

FOB PARIS将其设计的怀表命名为 “LEGACY(遗产)”。在Rehab 50系列中,品牌将传统怀表革新,改造成优雅,现代,独特的配饰。Rehab 50 Gold是我这系列最喜欢的一款怀表。华丽的金色和钢琴黑相得益彰,流露出一股低调奢华之感。打开表盖,便能看到黑色拉丝不锈钢制成的表盘,四周环绕着一圈拉丝金色。每个怀表都配有链条,可将怀表如项链般佩戴在胸前。