Still looking for that perfect summer timepiece? Michel Herbelin literally has them all!

Michel Herberlin

Sunshine, beaches, flip-flops and ice-cream... Here comes the summer sun! Just about everyone is eager to throw off their ponderous coats! Especially for the girls, summer means lighter fabrics, brighter colours and flowing sleeveless tops. A fresh unmistakable style that is perfectly fitting within the world of Michel Herbelin.

If your still looking for that perfect summer timepiece, we've picked out our favourite this month for the girls. Antarès, a beautifully delicate Michel Herberlin timepiece with luxury interchangeable straps.

The Antarés Interchangeable watch is presented in a sumptuous gift box with an additional leather strap. During the summer months, it would be adorable to pair this timepiece with a double-round leather strap to lightly decorate the wrist.

More than just a timepiece, Antarés is an interchangeable decoration perfectly fitting to each of your summer looks. Perhaps you're someone who prefers to keep things simple? Then, you can simply keep the original strap provided in the standard-length.

The Antarés watch features an ingenious click and lock system which enables the wearer to change the straps in a few seconds without any tools. More straps are available in a fresh range of colours such as white, pink and brown. You can even get your own tailored straps upon requests! All of this totally depend on your own desires and of course your own personal style.

A stylish and versatile watch that enables you to change your timepiece to suit your outfit, occasion and even your mood!

If you have one, then you have them all!

Which one are you going to wear?

阳光,海滩,人字拖,冰淇淋…夏天就要来啦!每个人都想立即脱下厚重的外套。特别是女孩子们,早就迫不急待地想穿上无袖上衣,再搭条热裤或是小短裙了吧。我们猜,你还差一样东西来装饰手腕。那就是Michel Herberlin家可更换表带的Antarès系列手表。

Antares Interchangeable手表包装在一个精致的礼品盒里。盒子里还有另一条皮质手表带供你更换。夏天的时候,你可以选择佩戴长款皮质表带,表带可以绕手腕两圈,像手链一样起到了装饰作用。所以,它不仅仅是一只手表, 更是一件与你的着装完美搭配的首饰,时尚又个性。若想要追求别样的简洁? 只需要简单地换上另一条常规长度的表带即可。这款手表设计巧妙,表耳的解锁和锁定系统非常易于操作,佩戴者只需几秒钟就可以更换表带,不需要任何工具。除此之外,表带还有各种各样的颜色供你选择,如白色,粉色和棕色。甚至,你可以根据自己的需求定制表带。这一切完全取决于你自己的意愿。一款时尚而有趣的手表是能让你随意地更换,以搭配你变化的穿衣风格,满足你每日的心情。拥有这一只手表,就可以满足你所有的需求!