Clyda, la mode à toute heure !

Clyda is a watch brand dedicated to exquisite, classy and stylish women. The spirit of Clyda is “ LA MODE À TOUTE HEURE(FASHION AT ANYTIME)”, which reinforces its unique brand identity - elegant ladies’ watches that can be worn at all times. With a large selection of choice, Clyda offers various designs that are all equally as elegant as the next. Clyda is an expression of femininity, but it’s more than feminine. Every watch has its own style, whether it is modern, classic or delicately showcasing the unique Clyda floral motif.

Throwing away burdensome decorations, the Clyda watch specifically chosen for a recent shoot at the La Montre Française studios keeps only the basic and vital parts of a Clyda watch, making the whole look simple but chic. The “Less is More” style perfectly matches the effortless Parisian girl in leather pants who has a cool neutral appearance. The shining silver Cylda timepiece becomes an eye-catching point on the models sombre outfit. Like a star in the dark night, the rhombic and reflective watch dial makes the watch more distinctive. The flower shaped brand logo on the dial brings more femininity to the girl, making her the ultimate integration of feminine and masculine beauty. The Clyda watch is an essential accessory to complement her outfit and diversifies her look.

Clyda品牌致力于为精致,优雅,时尚的女性设计手表。Clyda品牌一直坚持着“ LA MODE À TOUTE HEURE(时尚无时无刻)”的理念,设计了不同系列的女士手表,可在多个场合佩戴,优雅而摩登。在Clyda家,你总能找到你想要那款手表。Clyda品牌表达出了女性之美,但却不仅仅局限如此。不论是时尚简约的,经典耐看的,或是以花卉图案为主题的,每一块手表都有它独特的风格。