Dodane Type 23, guiding you through time zones without hassle!

Have you ever felt tired of resetting your watch upon arrival in another time zone?

Have you ever experienced the difficulties of correctly reading the time in darker hours?

If so, the classic French brand Dodane can solve these problems for you.

Dodane, is a brand which is specialized in reliability, its watches are often worn by pilots and

have been officially been recognized as incomparable instruments by them.

Type23 GMT is a model from the latest collection Type 23.

From its name, we can easily guess what is the most significant figure for this timepiece – GMT function.

Beside the crown of the Type 23 GMT, there are two buttons at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock

respectively. The 2 o’clock button advances the ring one hour forwards and the 4 o’clock

button one hour back. You can easily jump from one time zone to another within a few

seconds – even quicker than the airplane!

Apart from this, the rotating bezels have two luminous time indicators - 12 and 24 hours.

The orange airplane-shaped hand point to the 24-hour time indicators, which enables you

to read time easier. The main colors for the watch are black and silver. But take a close look,

you will find that half circle of the minor bezel is delicately brushed in grey, which perfectly integrated

with the black tone, make this strong French brand even more distinguished.




认为为是不可替代的工具。Type 23 GMT是品牌最新系列Type 23中的一款手表。从这个


在Type 23 GMT手表表冠两旁的2点钟和4点钟位置分别有一个按钮。按动2点钟的按钮