Berthet, a gentleman's classic.

A retro timepiece can express a man's elegance and cultivated temperament. Together with a suit and tie, it can make the wearer become a charming gentleman! Today, La Montre français has the pleasure to present the French brand Berthet, since 1888 creating the perfect watch for the modern gentleman.

With rich watchmaking experience, the Berthet Horlogerie Group has developed over the years a production preserving ancestral production methods. As a timepiece made by Berthet, AGILISI Black gold adheres strongly to the brand’s characteristics. The golden case expresses a soft luxury with a hint of retro fashion. Inside the golden case is a concise black dial with a classic traditional Roman numeral scale. Undoubtedly, this is a wrist watch perfectly designed to enhance the elegant style of a gentle man. The minute and second hand are specially designed in this unique timepiece, sitting at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock respectively. The back of the case is made from pure glass, through which you can have a splendid view of the rear mechanism. There are 18 colorful jewels being inlayed in the watch, bringing diversity and charm to the watch.

More than being retro, Berthet also pursues distinctiveness. Every timepiece from Berthet can be tailored. You can have the strap in black, brown and even gold. Also, for those who you who want to take it to the next level, there is even the possibility of laser engraving with your name or a few special words that can be performed on the bracelet’s buckle upon your request.

复古钟表可以展现男士的温文尔雅的气质。搭配上西装和领带,佩戴者便能看起来如同绅士一般。 今天,La Montre français就将给大家介绍一款绅士必备的腕表。

Berthet钟表集团拥有数百年的制表经验。品牌一直将祖传的制表方式运用到每只手表的制作当中。 AGOLOSI gold black作为Berthet生产的手表,也秉承了品牌的特点。 金色表壳显露出一股低调奢华而又不乏复古的时尚之感。表壳里是简洁的黑色表盘,搭配经典传统的罗马数字刻度,无疑是一款尽显儒雅绅士风格的男士腕表。这款手表分针和秒针非常独特,分别设计在12点钟和6点钟的位置。手表后盖是由纯净透明的玻璃制成,通过后盖能清楚地看到后部的机械结构。除此之外,整只手表镶嵌有18颗多种颜色的宝石,使得手表看起来更加丰富多彩,华丽闪烁。


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