Halchimy, the inspiring youth of French watch making.

It’s not uncommon that the strap of a watch can be replaced with another one. But have you ever known that the module of a watch can also be changed to match your style today? The young and dynamic French watch brand- Halchimy, has evolved this into being.

Halchimy is unprecedented in watchmaking history. It is the first watch brand that allows the interchangeability of the bracelet as well as the module. Through its patented system, you have the opportunity to transform the watch into several models and adapt it according to your activity, your dress and your mood at that time.

The Halchimy watch looks concise and elegant. Consistent with its noble silver case, the hands and time indicators are brush exquisitely in silver. The dial is often a sharp contrast in pure white, for those of you who may be looking for a more subtle look, the discreet black version can easily be clicked into place.

Located at the bottom of the dial, the word “Paris” shows its origin, the city where a dream is being realized by Halchimy. Your Halchimy timepiece is available with a brown or black leather strap, or if you prefer a crisp white bracelet.

As stated by Kevin Oualli, the creator of Halchimy - " It's not even for me that I do it, but for all those who wish to undertake, including overseas entrepreneurs. I want to prove to them that even from a blank sheet of paper, through hard work, perseverance and passion, you can turn your dream into a reality", Halchimy is not only a watch. It is a spirit – never give up and make your dream come true.

手表表带可以更换并不是件稀奇事儿,但你知道手表其他组件也可以更换来搭配你今天的风格吗?一个年轻而充满活力的法国手表品牌——Halchimy, 让这成为了现实。



正如Halchimy的创始人Kevin Oualli所说的那样 : “我做这件事甚至不是为了我,而是为了所有想要致力于此的人,包括海外的创业者。我想向他们证明,即便是从一张白纸开始,只要你努力,拥有毅力,充满激情,就可以把你的梦想变成现实。“ Halchimy不仅是一只手表,更是一种永不放弃,让梦想成真的精神。