La Montre Française meets Theo

This week, La Montre Française had a short yet great time with the pulchritudinous model Theo in our Paris based studio.

The well-featured French model was styled in a simple and natural tones. Theo can be seen wearing a classic Younger & Bresson timepiece in neutral brown and blue matching perfectly with his casual style. The dark blue case of the watch becomes a focal point in his whole cream-colored combination.

This unique timepeice from from Yonger & Bresson, a brand created in Paris over 40 years ago strives to integrate traditional watch features with contemporary elements.

French Times in Paris和帅气的模特Theo在我们的巴黎摄影工作室度过了短暂而愉快的时光。


这款手表来自40多年前在巴黎创立的Yonger&Bresson品牌。品牌致力于将传统手表特点与当代元素融为一体。 这种风格在那些热爱复古又追随潮流的年轻人中非常流行。