Akteo, the French brand you won't forget!

Each morning, do you wake up and think: “What can I do today that will make it a distinctive day? What can I do to become a distinctive person? ” Have you ever thought about how a simple change of watch can make you look and feel distinctive? Of course, it’s true! We are not joking! If you don't believe it, let’s take a look at the unique French brand AKTEO!

AKTEO is a distinctive French watch brand, jumping out of the traditional design box. Every timepiece by AKTEO has its own “profession” and “identity”. The brand has watches for dessert chefs, hair stylists, musical instrument players and even for witches!

Now, let’s discover one of our favourite watches by AKTEO - The Piano Keyboard. You really can’t miss it if you are a pianist or piano lover!

This exquisite watch has a unique appearance of a Piano Keyboard. You will be amazed by its artistical design at first sight. Looking through the crystal, you will see the striking black and white keyboard shaped case, on which there are two short delicate silver hands. The Akteo case is produced in stainless steel, adding a simplicity and elegant beauty to the watch. The 20mm wide black leather strap is like a black key in a exaggerated size twisting around your wrist.

Are you sure you can resist playing the piano whilst wearing this watch?

Discover more about this brand by visiting their official website http://akteo.watch/fr/



现在,让我们一起来看看AKTEO家的Piano Keyboard手表。如果你是一位钢琴演奏家或者是钢琴爱好者,可千万不要错过这款手表!