MAT WATCHES - Passion and precision, know-how and excellence, team spirit and self-discipline.

When referring to those in the military services, most of us will instinctively associate this to ones bravery and punctuality, self disciplined and always prepared for a furious battle. Therefore, it is vital for those who have a military profession to be equipped with a suitable watch to manage his time.

To satisfy this professional needs, the French brand MAT WATCHES comes into being. MAT WATCHES is specially designed for French militaries. MAT stands for Mer, Air and Terre, from which we can see that the watches are capable of great adaption in extreme conditions.

Passion and precision, know-how and excellence, team spirit and self-discipline – these are the values the brand share with the world of watch-making. That is the reason why it has such strong ties with the most prestigious military units throughout France.

The incredible watch AG5 TERRE from the brand is army green based, reminding us vividly of the colours of the uniform worn by soldiers. The hands and hour markers are treated with a luminescent material to ensure optimum readability in the aquatic environment or at night.

In addition, different from most watches, it inverts its crown for greater convenience and comfort during sports. This timepiece is ideal or adventure-lovers and sensation-seekers.




为满足军事专业需求,MAT WATCHES品牌应运而生了。MAT象征着Mer(海洋), Air(空气)



激情和精准,专业知识和卓越,团队精神和自律--- 这些是MAT WATCHES品牌与制表世


该品牌的AG5 TERRE手表以军绿色为主色调,让我们想起士兵身着的制服的颜色。指针




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