MW&Co, sleek and futuristic!

What kind of timepiece do you think is a successful one? In the conception of MW&Co, a new French luxury watch brand, a successful timepiece should combine two aspects: emotion and technique.

Without emotion, a timepiece is merely a product; without technique, a timepiece is nothing more than a marketing concept. Only when these two concepts are combined comes the true artefact.

Recently, MW&Co has launched its first watch Asset 2.1. La Montre Française had the opportunity to go hands with the latest release during the international salon of Baselworld 2018. Its is clear that MW&Co have proven to create outstanding timepieces, not only from their exterior designs, but also for the techniques applied within. The timepiece gives us a sleek, futuristic impression at first sight, consisting of black, silver and white with eye catching highlights in fluorescent green the timepiece is truly unique.

The Asset 2.1 timepiece adopts many elements from motor bikes and sports cars. The transparent dial is made from aluminium, which reminds us of iconic sports car front grille. Surrounding the case, it is designed with honeycomb structure. MW&Co intends to make the most of this honeycomb structure and allows for potential further customisation.

The lugs are creatively designed in a jack system which is inspired by motorbike’s shock absorbers. Each damper lug requires 14 micro components to assemble. These jacks allow the adjustability of strap while enhance comfort. To find out more about this unique French brand visit their official website - http://mwandco.com/en/



最近,MW&Co发表了品牌第一款手表Asset 2.1 。这款手表无论是在外观设计上,还是在运用的技术上,都颇为出众。第一眼就给我们一种非常炫酷的印象。手表主要由黑色,银色和白色构成,其中还穿插了荧光绿色。



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