Thirsty Watches, perfect for the summer months!

As we approach some of the hottest days on the year, we are certain that you can hardly resist grabbing a bottle of your favourite cold soda to cool your day! But today, we are eager to share another cooling recipe – a watch from Thirsty, a great refreshment for this years summer fever!

Thirsty Watch is more than a watch brand. It expresses the colorful world of beverages. Vintage Soda, the first collection of watches released by the brand, is unprecedentedly placed in a soda bottle. The bold design of the watch dial is reminiscent of the vintage era. The chunky hands are beautifully integrated proving to be both precise and decorative. The Thirsty Watches are punchy timepieces with attitude reminding us of the memories of the golden age of American soda.

Thirsty, the unique French watch brand also provides more formal watches which may better fit a working look. Vinyle is specially designed with a square case with many color choices.

This specific timepiece is captured in a luxury black.

However, if you do decide to pursue a more dynamic style, you can also have it in a more “soda” like color. The timepieces are available in vibrant orange or blue.

The dials of each Thirsty timepiece is made up of brushed steel, bringing additional texture to the watch. Two sub-dials at 3 o’clock and 12 o’clock presents the date and the day of the week respectively for an added pop!



Thirsty Watch不仅仅是一个手表品牌,它更向我们展现了一个缤纷多彩的饮料世界

。Vintage Soda是品牌发布的第一款手表。手表非常创新地陈列在苏打水瓶子里。在表



Thirsty Watch也有其它稍微正式一点的腕表,更适合工作的装扮。Vinyle系列手表的表





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