Pierre Lannier, Automatic 323B466.

Are you looking for a watch that best expresses French romance? Pierre Lannier is renowned within the world of Horlogerie for both its quality and capability in capturing the essence of the French spirit. The brand manages to integrate French vogue culture into its watches, perfectly illustrating the elegance and romance found throughout the streets.

It is clear that from some of Pierre Lannier's most recent designs such as Eolia and La Petite Crystal the brand has a strong sense of aesthetic and attention to detail.

However, Pierre Lannier is far more than this. The brand continues to strive with its innovating designs and complex mechanisms bringing us more quality models that prove to be hit after hit.

Taking a closer look at the Automatic 323B466 timepiece, we can see that the brand has now opted for a slight variation in design.

The mens timepeice beautiful showcases its automatic movement and intricate detailing in an array of rose gold tones. This specific model is available in a rich French blue in both the face and bracelet.

Watch fanatics especially appreciate this model for it's functional aspect. This watch is equipped with a transparent dial which enables the movement to be exposed to the outside. Every skeleton of the movement can be observed clearly.

The Automatic 323B466 is both classic and fun. Suitable for work and day wear. The elegant finish will take you from day to night effortlessly. To find our more about Pierre Lannier and the Automatic 323B466 visit their official website - https://www.pierre-lannier.com

在寻找最能展现法式浪漫的手表吗?我们相信Pierre Lannier可以为您提供很多选择。品牌将法国时尚融入到手表当中,完美展现了法式优雅与时尚品味。

欣赏品牌的Eolia或La Petite Crystal Bleus这两款手表,我们可以深深地感受到它优雅的风格。然而,Pierre Lannier远不止于此。它不断地前进,不断地创新,带来了很多腕表款式,让我们眼前一亮。

让我们一起来看看Pierre Lannier这款别具一格的腕表吧! 这款腕表有一种酷炫硬朗的金属感,与Pierre Lannier通常优雅浪漫的风格非常不同。耀眼的金色和沉静的黑色相搭配,为您的装扮增添更多特色。


这款手表可以轻松搭配非常潮的装扮或者是休闲装扮。谁说女人一定的温柔优雅呢?现在是时候佩戴上Pierre Lannier这款新手表来摇滚您的风格啦!