Michel Herbelin, always aiming for perfection.

It is common knowledge that within the fashion industry top brands turn out collection after collection of clothing and accessories that are quickly replaced and updated every 6 months.

Over the last few years there has been an increase in many fashion houses producing and introducing timepieces into their collections. Although the fashion industry moves incredibly fast, a different approach is taken when incorporating timepieces into their collections.

It is undeniable that the older the watch, the more the value. It is this kind of precious trace of time that reflects the real value of the watch and has also been respected and reflected within the industry.

The quality of a watch with collection value is an important factor as watches are often kept for decades, if not centuries. This is the basis in which Michel Herbelin, the founder of the watch brand under his name, continues to pay great importance to.

Having worked in a Horlogerie workshop for many years, Michel Herbelin began to understand the true meaning of watch making and practised the highest industry standards. However, he found that the company in which he currently worked for had a much lower standard for quality than he did.

Therefore, he decided to create his own watch brand and thus dedicated the remainder of his life into the brand Michel Herbelin. Always aiming for perfection.

The French family Herbelin had a true passion for sailing and is greatly reflected in their brand aesthetic. The Newport collection is a true reflection of of the families passion and braveness.

This particular timepiece from the Newport collection uses darker shades as its dominant hue, presenting a sleek modern look. Whereas the distinctive design of three sub-dials in silver bring vitality to the timepiece and it also increases practicability and readability.

The watch is equipped with 100-meter water resistance function. Being exstremly helpful during water sports. With this watch, you will always stay time-informed.

Although the original intention of Michel Herbelin is to make this watch as a sport watch, it is also easily adapted for every day life. Its appearance, which is neither too smart nor too sportive, making it just as easy to match with a casual outfit.

在时尚产业中,手表可能是最重要的最具生命力的物品了。衣服和包包可能会很容易过时,被最新的款式所取代, 而手表似乎正好相反,越老的手表仿佛价值越高。正是这种历久弥珍的岁月痕迹才能体现其真正的价值。

手表是否具有收藏价值的关键因素之一是其质量。因为手表需要保存几十年,甚至上百年。Michel Herbelin品牌的同名创始人也非常重视腕表的质量。

他曾在手表工厂里工作了很多年。然而,他发现这家公司生产腕表的质量标准远低于自己的标准,于是他决定离开这家公司,创建属于自己的腕表品牌。Michel Herbelin的一生都致力于制作优质的腕表,精益求精。

Michel Herbelin家族喜欢航海。Newport这一系列绝对是其激情和勇敢的体现。这款Newport腕表线条优美,却又不缺乏魄力和运动气息。手表以黑色为主色调,呈现出冷酷尊贵之感。而三个副表盘的独特设计给手表增添了几分生命力,同时增强了实用性和可读性。

手表配备了100米生活防水的性能,在水上运动中十分有用。拥有这款手表,您随地随地都能掌握时间。虽然Michel Herbelin设计这款手表的的初衷是将其设计为运动手表,但这款手表也非常许多其他场合,例如约会,日常工作日。它的外观不狂野也不过于运动,很容易搭配休闲装。

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