FOB Paris, the French brand keeping the traditional pocket watch alive!

When speaking of watches, most people may firstly think of wrist watches. However, do

you know that before the birth of wrist watches, pocket watches were the real fashion.

As the name indicates, the pocket watch is usually carried in the pockets.

On one side of the pocket watch, there is a chain which enables the watch to be connected

with the wearer. The watch is then usually placed into the pocket. The pocket watch was especially popular with gentlemen. When the wearer needed to read the time, he would gracefully take out the watch from his pocket.

The French brand FOB Paris is known to keep the traditions of French watching alive through their modern collections.

In 2012, FOB Paris was created by three close friends who all inherited beautiful pocket watches

from their fathers and thus were inspired to redevelop and put their own stamp on the watch industry.

Every watch from FOB PARIS is assembled by hand, making perfection more perfect.

For Fob Paris, making pocket watches is much more than a simple inspiration from the past. It is also

about continuous innovation in both design and movements.

A pocket watch designed by FOB Paris.

The darker appearance is perfectly fitting with the unique world of FOB Paris. The irregular-shaped gap of the dial enables a small part of the silver movement to be visible, giving the whole timepiece a modern touch. To find out more about this brand visit their official website - https://www.fob-paris.com







Fob Paris家的怀表。

FOB PARIS由三位好朋友创建于2012年。他们从父亲那里继承的怀表中得到灵感,想要

将这项工艺传承发展下去。因此,我们几乎可以说,FOB PARIS是为怀表而生的。品牌


对于FOB PARIS来说,制作怀表绝不仅仅是追溯过去,更是不断的创新。让我们一起来




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