MW & Co, pushing the boundaries of French watch making.

What has been invented belongs to the past, only innovations are worthy of interest. This is the spirit held by MW & Co. This new luxury French watch brand mixes traditional horology with innovative designs.

Its first watch ASSET 2.1 is inspired by moto racing, which is guaranteed to be a hit with the mechanic lovers. This particular model is produced in a limited edition of only 20 timepieces. Making it a real collectors piece.

The ASSET 2.1 is unique timepiece, not only for its design but also for its brand new technical developments. Every timepiece of ASSET 2.1 requires the assembly of 77 exclusively tailored components. The innovative jack lugs are a unprecedented design. The lugs connect the case and the strap, allowing you to adjust the strap length and also improve comfort. Every lug requires 14 micro components to assemble. What a fine art it is!

MW & Co believes that a successful timepiece is a combination of both emotion and technique. Without technique, a watch is nothing more than a marketing concept; without emotion, it is merely a product. We can also see that the brand imbues this watch with emotion for its customers. Surrounding the case, there are many hollows. This is not only a unique design but more importantly, it provides possibilities for customisation.

Although MW & Co is a young brand, it is never too young for design and innovation. We believe that this brand will continue to bring us more distinctive timepieces in the future! To find out more about this brand visit their official website - http://mwandco.com/en/


它的首款腕表ASSET 2.1的灵感来自摩托车竞技。机械爱好者肯定会喜欢的。这款腕表仅限量发行20只,十分珍贵,值得收藏。

每一只ASSET 2.1都需要77个专门定制的零件组装而成。创新的千斤顶凸耳设计是前所未有的。凸耳将表壳和表带相连接,能够调节表带的长度,并且增加手表的舒适性。每个凸耳都需要14个微型元件进行组装,工艺十分精细。



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