John-Mikaël Flaux, Innovative Design Excellence - A True Tour De Force

Based in Morteau, John-Mikaël Flaux is an independent French watchmaker-designer. Specialising in the art of mechanics, this genius designer is noted for giving life to wonderful horological creations. Passionate since childhood watchmaking is for him one of the most beautiful mechanics in the world, driven by his passion he embraced a prestigious career, including being named creator -watchmaker of the year in 2015. Propelled by creativity and determination to restore the prestige of French watchmaking he established his own workshop located in Morteau.

His love of watches and cars, saw his dream materialise with the creation of the Car Clock 2.0. A timekeeper embracing the essence of what horological creations should be, the perfect blend of techinics and emotions. Thus, establishing the prestigious French art of watchmaking thrives.

Presenting an innovative world first, The unique Car Clock 2.0 is powered by a hand-wound mechanical movement that literally tells the time by the distance it travels. Encompassing design excellence reminiscent of the racing cars of the 30s, the aluminium body is shaped by hand before undergoing the bespoke paint work befitting this work of art. Colour options for this exclusive model are: Type 35 Bugatti blue and stunning Alfa Romeo red. The innovative table clock is like no other, part timepiece & part machine, certainly guaranteed to please all racing enthusiasts and lovers of horology.

Lovingly designed and crafted, its unique case structure requires the assembly of 270 exclusively tailored components. The dashboard and movements are assembled in the time honoured tradition of the finest clocks with finely cut gears and a quintessential engine-turned finish. Equipped with 11 jewels, the clockwork engine runs smoothly at 18,000 vibrations per hour, fuelled with an abundance of power reserve to gracefully glide across your desk or mantle for 8-days at a rate of approximately 30cm per day. Complete with its own dynamometer braking system.

You'll find reading the time simply couldn't be any more pleasurable. Luxuriate in the gratifying ritual of winding the Car Clock, you'll find the key where the hand-crank would go on a vintage automobile, sit back and watch as it rolls the time away. Note how the hour numbers are engraved on the rims of the rubber clad rear wheels. Nestling in the sumptuous leather-appointed cockpit is the steering wheel, which creatively allows for reading of the minutes and time setting. A true tour de force for a première that redefines French watchmaking luxury.

The bespoke Car Clock 2.0 is limited to only 30 pieces. In order to ensure perfection each timepiece is handmade & signed. You are certain to delight in the stellar finishings, from chamfering, polishing and brushing all symphony of excellence.

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