Go, Girl Only – Timeless Collection 695947 Clean Classic and undeniably elegant

Designed to his own artistic inspirations, by Go, Girl Only brand creator, Philippe Bérard. This beautiful Go, Girl Only timepiece exemplifies joie de vivre with its utterly feminine blush pink gold round case and sparkly silver uncluttered dial.

The highly desirable timepiece is all about balance, with the perfect mix of silver and golden pinks, exquisitely adding a touch of elegance and statement look to your everyday attire.

Emphasising feminine essence is the slender case and soft silver dial with its silken unnumbered, minimal hour markings and three slim needle like hands shining in blush gold. Note how this timepiece is dressed with a lightweight and comfortable to wear blush gold mesh bracelet. Exclusively feminine and dedicated to all women of the world, this flawless timepiece comes engraved with Philippe Bérard signature butterfly on the back. Philippe's symbol to represent change, beauty, freshness and delicacy.

Highly desirable and of high quality, every GO, Go Girl Timepiece comes with a 2 year warranty, thus providing you with the freedom to wear your time in style.

Find out more about the French brand Go Girl only by visiting their official website - http://www.go-girlonly.com

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