DWYT : AQUILA Ladies Wooden Watch. Classic design Entwining Eco Friendly Elegance

DWYT - Founded by two childhood friends, who embraced the brilliant time honoured craft of their home city and blended it with their passion for woodwork. At the heart of their offices in France, the artistically creative duo lovingly create a treasure trove of charmingly beautiful wooden eco friendly timepieces. Do waste Your Time - Take Time! are very much rooted in the present, caring about the universe and the value of time. They endeavour to provide timepieces that are gentle reminders to the wearer that time is precious and each moment should be savoured. Part of Nebula collection, the Aquila invites you to arrive chic and elegant for all parties, ceremonies and everyday occasions with this beautiful jewellery like timepiece.

True to their design for wooden watches of quietly stylish beauty the Aquila is a symbol of natures elegance. More than a timepiece, it’s a beautiful example of just how much our wonderful universe has to offer. The utterly feminine, natural watch is equipped with reliable Ronda movement known for its precision timekeeping. And radiates French chic with its beautifully curved blond Maple face encased in a diminutive, fine grained Maple wooden case, which ages with grace. As unique as you are, the surface of the wood tells the story of its life. On that note, Aquila invites you to take your time, and allow the blond of the maple to remind you of pleasures found in warm sunny days.

Elegantly complementing the refineddial are 2 perfectly formed hands in contrasting darker tones & a slim sweeping seconds hand in rich red. Note how the minimal hour markings add style and superb legibility. Embodying pure charm with its soft maple shades this esquiste timepeice evokes a happy, romantic atmosphere while respecting ecological standards.

Completing the incomparable beauty is the powdery pink biodegradable narrow leather strap. Note how the refined top stitching and delicate pastel pink tone of the luxurious leather accentuates the elegance of this beautiful 34mm Jewellery piece. Securely fastened with a neatly sized shimmering silver buckle. DWYT appreciate ladies love to accesorize, which is why the interchangeable strap is available in an incredible array of the most beautiful colours. Including, bold ruby red & natures own pine forest green. Thus offering you a multitude of combinations, all perfectly fitting for daily wear and for dressing up special occasion attire

From design to manufacturing through the choice of materials and quality controls, DWYT strive to offer you FSC certified quality products. With a 2 Year Warranty & the option of personalised choice of case, dial, strap and even buckle, all of which add a touch of individualisation and emotion to your style.

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