Find the French Brands at BASELWORLD 2019.

Launched in 1917 in the Swiss city of Basel under the name, Swiss Design Fair, Baselworld, grew to become one of the largest international watch and jewellery trade shows in the world. Held each spring, this sparkling, highly anticipated five-day event continues to attract many leading luxury French watch brands such as Lip, a leading innovator in the world of Horlogerie since 1867.

Alongside, master-craftsmen, Berthet, Pierre Lannier, MW & Co, SMB and FOB Paris, all creators of opulent French timepeices are eagerly anticipated at the show. In addition there will also be a strong presence of upwards of 600 more brands, including smaller independent French watchmakers and newcomers showcasing their horological art. Be sure to keep up to date with all the latest news throughout the salon, by following our daily video reportage.

Running from March 21 to March 26, Baselworld 2019 promises a spectacular unveiling of the year’s finest collections, such as the speculated Pierre Lannier. Further exciting news for the world of horological enthusiasts is French brand Hegid are set to make their début appearance. Providing an unparalleled horology experience, Hegid watches are among the most ingenious . This year's show is going to be really special as the immaculate craftsmanship of talented horologists comes to life throughout the venue’s new state-of-the art halls.

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Please see below the official locations for the French brands at Baselworld 2019

Pierre Lannier

1.1 A22

SMB / Go et Lip

1.1 A32


1.1 W18 Watch Gallery


1.1 W09 Watch Gallery


1.1 W17 Watch Gallery

MRC Group / Charles Jourdan

1.1 W08 Watch Gallery


1.0 L10 Les Ateliers

Phenomen et Saint Honoré exposeront à l’hôtel Ramada.