Cyril Brivet-Naudot: Eccentricity A mesmerising blend of purity and complexity.

Cyril Brivet-Naudot, a graduate of the well known Edgar Faure School, began his journey equipped with a diploma in Métiers d'Art Horlogerie and an immensely admiral dedication to his craft. After three years of development Cyril released his hand- crafted masterpiece the, 'Eccentricity'. It's sometimes said that there is nothing new under the sun, however the Eccentricity is a pretty dramatic exception to that generalization. Made to a single copy, this incredible début watch was crafted by hand without the use of any CNC tools.

Image: Cyril Brivet-Naudot www. brivet-naudot.com

Due to Cyril's artisanal approach, no two watches are the same. Mainly hand-crafted from the fabrication plan using the eye and a file, which lends soul and character to the timepiece, while testifying to its unique, hand-crafted nature. With no interchangeable parts or uniformity, each unique timepiece is fitted with an entirely hand-crafted, custom-built escapement. In addition the client is involved in each unique creation, from defining the complications, the escapement, layout of parts and the display.

Featuring technical innovations and outstanding finishes, this haute horlogerie delight boasts a hand winding key. Crafted from almost exclusively French elements and components produced in-house, including such items as screws, pins and watch case, with only the mainspring, the balance-spring and part of the jewels are purchased externally. The free eccentric escapement is a more efficient updated version of the libre excentrique escapement by the 19th century watchmaker Louis Richard. Brivet-Naudot's updated version adds pallet jewels, which decrease friction and increase longevity. Manufactured in a traditional way using classic materials of the watch industry, other worthy engineering work includes; hardened gold spring of 3 hundredths of a millimeter thick, a second set of banking pins, mounted on the pallet itself to limit the motion of the spring.

Images: Cyril Brivet-Naudot www. brivet-naudot.com

The Eccentricity's hand-crafted steel case measures 39mm in diameter, featuring a 40 hour power reserve and a balance which runs at 18,000 vibrations per hour. Adding to its symmetrical aesthetics are the balance, dial and nameplate which occupy the same side of the movement. The watch is aesthetically interesting because it offers the view on the balance wheel dial side and an alternative time display. Showcasing beautifully executed finishes such as frosted plates and bridges, domed blue screws which pair perfectly with the polished steel bridge locating pins. The rotating dial has a stationary hand indicating the minutes while the sub-dial on the minute dial indicates the hours. Giving this two -sided key wound marvel a noble look is the deluxe Alligator strap.

Cyril Brivet-Naudot's three year journey gifted the world with a stunning, art of horology at its absolute zenith

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