Phenomen: Axiom Driver's Watch

Architecture that inspires special visual emotion-unrivalled superlative performance.

Image: Phenomen.fr

At the forefront of watch-making Phenomen, are an independent Besançon based French brand, formed by a trio ofinnovative professionals. Founder Alexandre Meyer, graduate engineer of IFMA,distils three fundamental values: complex mechanics and a bold design in an object of ideal size. Passionately working with ingenuity and in alignment with the brand's core values are watchmaker and creator Sylvain Nourisisson and Maime Colson, who designs watch prototypes.

Crafted from the finest materials the Axiom is an unprecedented Driver's watch. Distinctive and highly desirable this model is revolutionary in its exclusive form of putting man and machine as one. Undergoing a rigorous 600 hour test bed,the ingenuity of the Axiom resides in its exclusive Phenomen PH-010 movement, inventively designed to provide the perfect power-to-size ratio. Of note are the twin barrels series providing a power reserve of over 100 hours. With precision movement worthy of a jet engine,each aspect of this trailblazer watch illustrates state of the art precision engineering.

La Montre Française Baselworld 2019

Well equipped with technical innovations of tomorrow, this timepiece combines the perfect aesthetic balancewhich highlights the brand’s brilliant collective abilities. Notably the striking and original amphitheatre layer- jumping hourcomplication, which creates a direct time readout with a display of 100 degrees, thereby allowing the human eye to immediately see the time without having to scan the 360 degrees of a traditional timepiece. Thus achieving the ultimate goal; putting time on the wrist of the driver so they don’t have to take their eyes off the road. Showcasing a spectacularblend of technical prowess and style, with its rare complexity and spectacular arrangement the Axiom is in essence, a car-lovers’ watch, yet its aerodynamic silhouette is perfectly fitting and also practical enough for day-to-day use.

Born of ardent desire to create exceptional timepieces, this liberating timepiece invites you to live for the moment, withits luxurious alligator strap, such an eloquent symbol of refinement. Securely fastening with an exclusive fold-over, Grade 5 titanium clasp. The jewel in the crown of this progressively powerful piece of engineering lies in its design perfection; made for maximum comfort the integrated lugs fully complement the 42mm wide & 17.3mm thick, grade 5 titanium case. The fruit of a long period of development to achieve a perfect balance of architecture and mechanics, this truly is a watch fit for purpose.