FOB Paris: RS Gold Distinctive elegance equipped with engineering expertise

FOB PARIS, Established 2012 these French Time explorers, meticulously make all their designs in-house and are well known for their innovative and quality based approach to horology. All engineers by training they envision their creations with a very distinctive approach, blending different eras to combine the traditional with their fascination of the future. Each timepiece designed and created by this French trio unveils at every glance passion and prime craftsmanship.

Image: www.fob-paris.com

The RS Solar Gold is a sophisticated hand assembled complement to any ensemble, combining the unique aesthetics of FOB with all the latest horological knowledge and craftsmanship. Such as reliability and accuracy, this magnificent timepiece uses sunlight and man-made light captured by a solar panel to power the timepiece. Requiring no battery or daily winding, it works day and night converting light into electrical energy, which is stored in a rechargeable cell, proudly providing a colossal 4 month power reserve.

Featuring a classy gold finish and modern masculine design, the aesthetics of this distinctive 21st century timepiece are astounding, housed in a smartly sized 38mm diameter,8mm thick pvd gold circular, stainless steel case.

Image: www.fob-paris.com

The dashing tonal steel & resin alveolar dial, ingeniously allows up to 60% UV rays to pass through. On a mission to deliver, this watch has style covered with its gold complimentary features of swashbuckling blade shaped hands andsuave hour markers enhanced with accents of red minute markers. With minimal interference across it's dial, note how it's inner grooves draw in the eye to appreciate the simplex concentric forms. This stunning vision of time is protected by anti glare exceptionally hard sapphire crystal,

Enabling the timepiece to fit into any occasionthe strikingly handsome RS comes impeccably dressed in a pvd gold linear brushed link bracelet. Take a moment toadmire how the fine workmanship of the pure, medical grade stainless steel, gives the watch a refined almost noble touch, while ensuring a comfortable fit to your wrist. Perfectly completing this masterpiece of horology is the unobtrusive double butterfly buckle.Superbly blending refined appeal with functionality this arresting all -gold colour way is suited to those inspired by sleek looks and reliable timekeeping, paired with nearly every outfit the RS Gold is perfect for the busy professional, or to wear at social gatherings.