Apose : Crystallised Rose Gold No 3

Shows you exactly how to artistically combine, 5N rose gold, silky black décor and Nato Spirit with French elegance.

Discover for yourself the archetype of French natural elegance and sophistication with this newly released Apose timepiece. Artistically designed for an effortless look it’s the most beautiful expression of years of detailed research and development.

Equipped with a beautifully engineered newton® automatic movement, its self-winding unparalleled precision and astounding accuracy is manufactured in the Swiss and French Jura. Hours, minutes and seconds are presented through a palette of black and 5N rose gold. Keeping it minimal, the silky black dial plays the intellectual card with its exclusive hands and 5N rose-gold réhaut. Sculptured to red carpet perfection the 12 indexes demand attention with their magical alliance of precocious metal and sublime colour.

Further panache comes from crystallised 5N rose gold bezel of the 40mm, curved stainless steel case. Layered with different finishes for sophisticated contrast, the case is enhanced with a finely cut 120 notch crowns to accentuate Apose elegance.

Considering Apose’s reputation for excellence in all areas, precision, reliability, craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, we shouldn’t be surprised by how much research and design talented designers have made a given to making a FKM rubber strap into a French standard of sober beauty and elegance. Feeling really light, and comfortable on the wrist the unique strap is crafted from the best elastomer capable of resisting external aggressions. Fastening with a steel, 5N rose gold buckle. Note how the NATO spirit and Saffiano décor declares luxury attitude and class.

Pure, automatic and very French this Apose timepiece also boasts Sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment to intensify the depth of the dial, high impact resistance thanks to the Incabloc shock absorber® double cone and the through balance bridge, 44-hour power reserve, airtightness 30 metre and Apose engraved case. Plus 14-day free trial.