Apose : No3 Collection. His and Hers Automatic.

APOSE, are a new French watch house, who breathe excellence into the high-end style of French horlogerie.

Apose No3 - 36mm and 41mm

Standing as a pinnacle of French style and made in Franche-Comté, their united intent is to dress the wrist of both men and women equally, in purity and elegance, which harnesses calibres that are prized as being the most reliable, precise and robust.

Based in the Jura region of France the two founders Didier Finck and Ludovic Zussa, both Mulhousians, live and breathe a shared passion for innovation, intent on writing a new page for French watchmaking, coupled with inviting people to live more with less: in a perfectly groomed, perfectly precise, elegant way. Ludovic, an expert physicist in laser technologies and a specialist in watchmaking innovation, had previously worked with Didier Finck, Design Manager and co-founder of Apose at Swatch. Highly talented, the duo set about designing timepieces of harmony and perfection, as a result Apose: No 3 collection was born.

Founders Didier Finck (left) and Ludovic Zussa (right).

March 2021 sees the release of their inaugural No 3 timepieces, available in 36mm and 41mm with a neat 10mm height; the collection is limited to 400 pieces.

Displaying perfect harmony, the case, strap and calibre all speak to each other in a pure and practical way. Beating with the prestigious Soprod, Newton movement®, which is clearly distinguished by its relatability of intricate components, precision instruments and engineering ingenuity. The No3 is a collection of impeccable purity that harnesses the kinetic energy from the natural motion of your wrist.

Embellishing the cushioned shaped silver case is a beautiful, yet highly practical natural rubber bracelet. Designed and crafted through the utilisation of the recognized know-how and leather expertise found in Doubs. The finished product is beautifully created and entrusted to the luxurious Italian Tecnoeuro, in Cusago. Marrying in perfectly, the cutting edge and innovative craftsmanship of the case sits at a crossroads of art and technology, with its beautiful finishes and curved edges which provide optimal comfort.

Apose - No3 41mm

The serene black dial adds to the harmonious colour scheme with its unique indices and passionately designed needle hands. Note how the precise and delicate seconds hand sweeps the dial with soothing accuracy.

The inclusion of the A&E (first and last letters of Apose) brings a living emblematic symbol that encapsulates the spirit of the brand and heritage of their country.

Apose - No3 41mm

At the heart of every Apose timepiece whether they be for him or for her, will always be the automatic movement. And as such the inaugural No3 beats with a brilliant Newton® manufacture Soprod calibre, providing 44-hour power reserve. It also boasts Incabloc shock absorber® double cone, while the crossing balance bridge providing increased protection from the pendulum itself.

Sourced from the Swiss and French Jura Factory, Apose are proud of their transparency and partnership of joint watchmaking expertise. Nestled in the cradle of watchmaking expertise, the brand knows the calibre of a timepiece is like the heart and brain of a human.

Apose No3 - 36mm

Apose proactively live with their wonderfully high aspiration of becoming known as a French Watch House that through developed expertise went onto to succeed in their aim of manufacturing their own, supreme in-house movement.

Driven by a desire for perfection, ergonomics and simplicity, Apose are already a highly anticipated young French brand. Successfully crafting timepieces to be as precise as possible, whilst implementing their serene monochrome DNA. Resulting in a collection of luxurious timepieces that will open the door to your future, providing you a lifetime of satisfaction and pleasure every time you wear it.

Welcome to Apose purity.

Available to pre-order now for March delivery - www.apose.fr

Apose - No3 41mm

Craftsmanship & Long Tradition:

1. The Newton movement originates from the Reusilles in Switzerland and is signed Soprod.

2. The case and top "with levitating index," points out the Mulhousians, comes from Frambouhans and the UNDF factory.

3. The crown: a specialist in the field, it is the Cheval Frères house in Besançon, which designs it.

4. The needles come out of The Practice, in Morteau.

5. Sapphire glass is produced by Sapphire Industrie, a company based in Septmontel les Molunes, Jura.

6. Finishes are made at Boillod, at Fins.

7. Surface treatment is the business of Patois Galvano in Frambouhans.

8. The laser marking is signed LMS, in Besançon.

9. The bracelet (N.D.L.R.: second non-French exception while a recognized know-how is found in the Doubs for the work of leather) is entrusted to the Italian Tecnoeuro, in Cusago. Listening to the Finck-Zussa duo, this would be explained by the desire to offer a rubber bracelet.

10. The final assembly is carried out within the local bisontins of Reparalux.

As for the head office, chosen location was their own town at 46 Alma Wharf.