Apose: No3 Collection. Steel & Palladium

Impeccable Purity Characterised By Slender Curved Styling, & Luxury Finishes, Fantastically Powered by the Prestigious Newton ®, Soprod Calibre.

When it comes to using black and silver, steel & palladium to make a statement of outstanding elegance; Apose wear the crown. Based in the Jura region of France Apose are a high-end French watch house who exclusively sell their made in Franche-Comté collections online. The epitome of French horlogerie, their timepieces are specifically designed to be gender neutral, versatile and complementary thanks to their quiet elegance.

If you are looking for a flawless, impeccably groomed timepiece to complement virtually every wardrobe and function you have in mind; then the self-winding perfectly precise inaugural No 3 timepiece- available in 36mm and 4Omm with a compact 10mm height is ideal. Drawing power from the prestigious, Newton ®,Soprod movement - each second opens up a relaxed perception of time as it harnesses the kinetic energy from the natural motion of your wrist. Equipped with details that make a great design: Double-cone incabloc® shoc absorber and balance bridge for increased balance protection, plus 44-hour power reserve it brings a real sense of satisfaction.

Note the carefully designed and distinctive polished lacquered black face, which is totally oriented towards serene beauty, and highly skilled craftsmanship. Accentuating what is already beautiful the noble réhaut is a vision of art and expertise. Smoothly sweeping the passage of time are three exclusive by design Apose hands. The inclusion of A&E (first and last letters of Apose) are a living emblematic symbol that encapsulates the spirit of the brand and heritage of their country. Fitted on a classy, ink-black FKM rubber bracelet few timepieces have the ability to quietly command attention like an Apose No3.

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