Avel & Men: Tampa Canvas Bracelet

City & Sea, Urban & Chic - Perfect for Dressing Up Your Dive Watch

Let the Tampa Canvas bracelet carry you from a weekend of sun-kissed regatta fun, into your office of work. One look at the splendid weave and it is easy to see why this exceptional Avel & Men bracelet draws attention with its gorgeous summer hues of navy blue.

Image: https://www.avel-and-men.com/en/

Founded by siblings: Xavier and Agnès Broise; Avel & Men are a refined French brand of luxurious watch accessories. Designed for living and crafted to last, this highly water repellent bracelet evokes nautical themes and a thrilling sense of adventure. Elegant enough to complement all suit and tie dress-codes, yet, not surprisingly, perfect for diving, swimming, and all other sporting pursuits. 

Made in France, the properties are a proven performance blend of abrasion resistant Cordura Canvas and breathable Calf -skin leather. Ever so comfortable the amazing Cordura fabric has high tensile strength fibres and will withstand long term wear. Lined with high grain leather for a soft feel on the wrist.  The Tampa tests the elements with confidence, while adding a flawless touch of sophistication and comfort to your day.

Available in two colours, black and navy, both pay homage to their French roots with their neat blue, white and red stitch.

Visit https://www.avel-and-men.com/en/ to find out more.