Awake: LA BLEUE Nato Marine

Capture the essence of sustainable luxurious style that has an enormously positive impact on our planet.

Powered by nature, created from a wide selection of recycled fishing nets, plastic bottles and even recycled steel the La Bleue showcases outstanding eco-friendly initiative. Standing head and shoulders above others in artistic style it also makes a further impact with its solar energy timekeeping and bio-sourced materials.

Bringing back to life what was previously a threat, French watch brand Awake have established an intellectually challenging reputation for their innovative desire to turn numerous types of waste into planet saving timepieces. Founded in 2019 the young brand has so far made history on two accounts: initially, introducing to the world the first watch in history made from recycled fishing nets, and next becoming part of the “Watches Worn by President’s “ with the creative G7 tricolor worn by Emmanuel Macron, at the 2021 G7 summit.

Assembled in Besancon, the home of French watchmaking the "La Bleue" brings form, structure and recycled materials together in a new scientific manner. Starting with the beautiful concrete example of circular economy is a smart navy blue Nato strap. Moulding to the wrist for a softly sculptured fit it was created through the process of cleaning and transformation of plastic bottles.

Anchoring the sloping lugs of 38mm case with ponderous grace it's also interchangeable. Terrific versatile options include natural and renewable vegan cellulose bracelet for tailored styling with less environmental impact and full respect for animal life. Get a classy, more dressed up look with the hypoallergenic, recyclable to infinity stainless steel bracelet. All sustainably resourced to take you from business meetings to mountain hiking through to relaxed days and the ocean.

Beautifully crafted form recycled fishing nets, absolute comfort can be found in the ultra-light 26 grams matte black, round case. Highly durable it carries style that is perfectly fitting for all occasions, and demonstrates the power of significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Drawing the eye is a mesmerizing blue dial that exemplifies serious sustainability whilst evoking glorious images of mountain terrain and ocean waves. Note how the bold, but simple, for unadorned minimalism luminous hands and indices present an uncluttered highly visible in all conditions look. Water resistant to 50 metres its fittingly saves the oceans and can be worn in the ocean. Firmly establishing their inspirational planet saving ingenuity the Awake signature confirms concrete circular sustainability.

Energy keeping is beautiful plus intense, with its 4-month power reserve. Once again at the for front of utilising infinite resources, Awake have chosen to partner with 3 generations expertise to skilfully craft a nature powered timepiece using photovoltaic technology. One battery for life and no need for change this innovative piece transforms the sun’s energy into an infinite resource. Reliable and accurate come rain or shine this piece absorbs and stores light from other sources such as office lights, lamplight more for unlimited autonomy and no waste pollution.

A beautiful symbol of collective effort, exceptional history and the lowest carbon impact in horology the vibrant La Bleue just had to come protectively packaged in creatively transformed pre-loved scarps of foam.

Concept driven limiting the use of materials is one of Awake’s key commitments, the exterior of the beautifully presented packaging is made of sugar cane fibre. Fully biodegradable and compostable in just 90 days. Formerly discarded, polluting, and pre loved, today is your day to Awake to the exciting beauty of planet saving, professional reusing in a new way that states horological dreams comes true.

Learn more about Awakes shifting of eco-friendly horological boundaries here: LA BLEUE Nato Marine – AWAKE (awakeconcept.com)