Black Goose: ROADMASTER MKII- Type BA True Gem, Capturing The Spirit Of Racing & Appealing Elegance

Established in 2016, Black Goose is a Gentlemen Driver's watchmaking brand based in Nice. With great passion for technical excellence and auto-mobiles their timepieces express great taste, classic cars and intelligence.

Set onto a perforated racing strap, the Roadmaster MKII -Type B is limited to 100 timepieces per colour, all individually numbered for authenticity.

Founded by designer Franco Italien Marc-Olivier Rinaldi this masculine collection is hand assembled, elegant and confident, plus perfectly functional too. Partially thanks to the ultra reliable mechanical movement with automatic winding. Complemented with 24 Rubies, 21600 Bph and solid 41 hour power reserve,this gorgeous timepiece reflects and combines, the history, fine engineering, art and heart of the automotive and horological world.

Founder Marc-Olivier Rinaldi - Image Source - www.blackgoose-watches.com

The Roadmaster dial design is unique and patented, available in a range of five dials, each with its own personality and original graduation which reflects automotive inspiration. Note how the bold blue date dial, with the contrast of the gunmetal grey present a handsome look. Making a beautiful presence are applied indexes, Rhodium-plated hands and Swiss Luminova details.

Round and cushioned, the 42.5mm case is premium stainless steel 316L. With well designed short horns it flawlessly attaches to a muscular leather strap. Rich sand in colour with beautiful natural markings, each strap is stitched with care and treated as a work of art; which means the well dressed gentleman can feel pleasure every time he wears it and satisfaction for life.

View the Black Goose Roadmaster in the making below -

Video Source: youtube.com/blackgoose

Discover more about this unique French brand by visting their official website - www.blackgoose-watches.com