Dodane: Type 23 quartz chronograph.

Refined but robust, dual readability ideal for each mission of your day.

Launched in 1857 the house of Dodane have a remarkable wealth of expertise. Firmly rooted in their values of meticulously designed, well-crafted models their legendary aviation timepieces are reliably used by military and civilian airlines. Created with a host of techniques and passion they also offer their expertise to the French national department of education, and post and telecommunications offices. Sought after by watch lovers who need a little couture horological art in their daily lives, Dodane delight.

Based in Besançon, France Dodane’s innovative Type 23 quartz collection is an appreciation of classic tailoring excellence and incredibly precise accuracy. Fusing a multifunctional ETA 988.333 movement of analogue and digital display the Type 23 delivers high-quality versatile time measurement. Taking the same high level of craftsmanship functions include: second time zone alarm, perpetual calendar, countdown timer, and of course the fantastic chronograph at 1/100th of a second. Providing optimum readability, the midnight black dial boasts a pair of distinguished Super Luminova treated syringe hands, and contrasting timescale of Arabic numbers and markers. A further achievement is the two-way, brushed (polished available) bezel with its 60 min encryption. For intense protection Sapphire Crystal with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale has been used.

Measuring 42.5mm the brushed finish of the solid 316L stainless steel box not only provides longevity and stability of the excellent movement; it's also perfect under the sleeve of a man who loves refined timepieces. Complemented with a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel bracelet it takes on a distinct aesthetic of contemporary confidence and modernity.

Waterproof down to 10 bars the full excellence of the Type 23 Quartz Chronograph is detailed below:

316L stainless steel box, 42.5mm diameter, brushed finish

Waterproofing at 10bars, pressure, depression.

Steel and C switches

Two-way, brushed or polished bezel with 12-hour or black encryption with 60 min encryption

Sapphire ice, anti-scratch (hardness of 9 on Mohs scale, or 1,800 on Vickers scale)

Black calf leather bracelet black overpaid, deploying double buckle

Quartz movement with analog and digital display, caliber ETA 988.333, 7 Rubis,

frequency 32'768 HZ.

Needle display: Hours, minutes.

Digital display: Hours, minutes, seconds, date, perpetual calendar (day and date display, countdown, second time zone. 1/100th of a second chronograph (ADD or SPLIT); alarm

Instant Walking: 0.1 seconds/day (at 20oC)

Silver oxide battery, long life (Theoretical autonomy of 35 months depending on the frequency of use of the alarm clock and chronograph functions).

Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 50082-1, EN 50081-1; Magnetic field resistance: 1600 A/m. Shock resistance: NIHS 91-10.