FOB PARIS: Time Capsule Collection The FOBxP4 n°2

French time explorers FOB Paris, launched their hand assembled brand in 2012. Founded by a trio of engineers focused on creating collections that have their own identity while retaining all the elements of time-honoured horological expertise, they successfully produce timepieces distinctly displaying a wonderful relationship between art, technology, science and tradition.

Inspired in equal measures by the world we live in, the past and the future FOB’s latest exciting collection communicates something different and new with their use of high-quality solid silver, strong lines but still a sensitive beauty such as the diamond encrusted bezel of the exclusive The FOBxP4 n°2 .

Your passport to adventure the attention grabbing oversized 41mm piece is immediately striking with its Skelton dial and impeccable leather bracelet. The art-on-a-watch diamond -encrusted bezel and lugs. Shielded by anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and forged from the highest quality silver this limited-edition timepiece literally moves the fortunate wearer like a masterpiece in paint.

Assembled by hand in Besançon France, in a family-owned workshop, passed down through four generations the FOBxP4 n°2 utilises and preserves immense horological expertise while pushing forward and challenging the way we wear time. With an open case back displaying that the automatic movement has as much art as the radical dial and astounding bezel. It's an exclusive timepiece to be worn with pride and positivity. The most perfect piece to add to your watch collection and to hand down to future generations.

Part of the FOB PARIS x PARTS OF FOUR collaboration, now is the time to discover for yourself the technical specifications of this handcrafted, 40-hour power reserve solid silver wonder.

41mm stainless steel case, PVD black matte

Three level dial : brushed metal, minute blades, glass

Steel hands, PVD black

Sterling silver casing

Rax diamonds crimped Mégapavé

Sterling silver hyperlink

Rax diamonds crimped Mégapavé

Automatic skeleton movement, 40h power reserve

Sapphire glass with anti-reflective treatment

Black genuine leather strap

Sterling silver pin buckle

Wrist size :15 cm à 17 cm ,17 cm à 19 cm, 19 cm à 21 cm

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