GUSTAVE & cie: LOUIS Mono Watch

French brand GUSTAVE & CIE, recently revealed the beautiful Louis mono-hand timepiece. Crafted from the finest materials the gold and green Louis, measures the serenity of time with the greatest possible accuracy, through a statement making, single gold needle with a 12- hour concept rotation.

Time fascinates Gustave & cie, and as such they are also very much aware that the world today is undoubtedly a busy and taxing place. Which is why they made the very conscious decision, to carefully design distinctive timepieces that present time in a calming way; while adding subtle sophistication to your look whether dressed up or buttoned down.

Made in France and intend for both men and women, the Loius, comes in 36mm and 40mm diameter cases. Uncompromising in quality and style the thin meticulously crafted golden stainless-steel case seamlessly embraces a deep blue face. Radiating beautifully from the centre is a geometric flower of life in relief.

Life is a balance and Gustave & cie have perfected it with the 4 symbolic elements time markers; a beautiful reminder and inspiration to live consciously and dream our dreams the minutes have been subtly integrated to form a radiant sun. Naturally so much intricacy had to be protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

Your day may be complicated, so keep your style bright and beautiful with this Jewel colored leather strap. Every Gustave strap, is high grade and designed with an easy release interchangeable function that allows you to style your day your way. Emphasizing the value of time and our relationship with it, the unique Louis accuracy is delivered with rhythmically moving quartz accuracy. Bring the joy of life to your life with this Gustave & cie timepiece.