Pre order Launch - Limited edition of 10 pieces.

Identifiable Hegid excellence. With roots based in Paris, you can expect every fully modular Hegid timepiece to elevate and blur the boundaries between timekeeping excellence and the fine art of impeccable French styling.

Limited to just 10 pieces the Laboratoire Colorama successfully celebrates the recognizable style of historical Pop Art in a contemporary way. By creating a three interchangeable element sculpture, all robust, all smoothly polished and all highly functional. The capsule -heart is prestige Swiss made automatic mechanical movement of sheer excellence.

Blending seamlessly are a Carrure, the body of the watch which is Années Folles inspired and 4 artisan interchangeable bracelets. Literal artworks in themselves the bracelets fully complement your ever-changing expressive style and all upcoming events.

Time is precious, as are life and memories hence the reason why Haute Horlogie Hegid, craft unique timepieces that are truly made to last for generations, perfect for cherished family treasures. Encompassing the three aforementioned elements, which have the amazing ability to evolve using the brand’s uncomplicated and fast patented system, this is 38,5 mm diameter, 11 mm thick capsule with 47mm horn to horn brilliance, it is waterproof to 100 meters depth thanks to the crown, tube and screwed bottom. It also has a 40-hour power reserve.

With pre-ordering now available and delivery expected January 2022, let’s now look at its other status prowess. Starting with the highly successful Colorama Chromatic index positioned at 12 o’clock that allows you - the wearer to change the index colour on demand, with a smooth turn of the crown.

Encompassing a cultured white dial protected by Anti-scratch, anti-reflective sapphire glass the splendour of the imagery continues with the genteel minute track and tubular luminescent indexes and hands. Plus, the unique elegance of the small seconds hand. Now to introduce the striking and timeless 4 bracelet collection which enhances this spectacular modular timepiece.

Rich in colour and high in quality leather each modern menswear bracelet makes its presence known by bringing a strong appreciation of style and insightful inspiration.

Designed and assembled in France by partners selected for their watchmaking experience, each 1 to 10 numbered piece is presented in a Hegid wooden case with interior made of soft material, for maximum protection during transportation.

Available now for pre-order – January 22 delivery at hegid.com