Injecting the true meaning of fully Modular into the Modular watch concept, HEGID are an astoundingly talented French watch brand that eagerly embrace the term “ Make your evolution ”.

Nu Chocolat Bracelet (Left) Pearl Mirage (Right)

Inspiring you to create your own evolution their focus is on creating watches that are made to last a lifetime, whilst nurturing the creativity of well-thought-out interchangeable elements. After some years of hard work and intense passion Hegid the brand was born, launching it into the world of Luxury Modular watches the patented EVOL® system, which allows its mechanical watches to be transformed in a few seconds while preserving their precise watchmaking properties.

Consisting of three interchangeable elements, each performing a unique function, this concept allows the owner to decide how they set themselves aside from all others, with an astounding twelve watch combination which can be configured to your personal taste, in a few seconds and without tools. Evolving with you and your day the expertly crafted dressing complication consists of a central Capsule, Carrue and Artisan Interchangeable Bracelet. It’s a concept that fits in well with the thrill of freedom, exploration, and equipped with the prestige automatic movement a Hegid timepiece truly is Haute Horlogerie made to last for generations.

Based in Paris, France, the brand are a role model in the world of horology, confidently showcasing French excellence they are admired for their innovative approach and prioritising of quality components.

HEGID Pearl Mirage

As such they continue to strengthen their skills and collections with models such as the Pearl Mirage. Enhancingtheir collectionthe Pearl Mirage adapts to your desires and situations in a matter of seconds and comes handsomely dressed in a soft Toffee coloured leather bracelet. Rich and warm it's a fantastic neutral colour that can be incorporated into any wardrobe and being made of the finest nut nappa leather its suppleness and quality patina evolve with you.

Measuring 39,6 mm in diameter the satin brushed case is elegantly shaped whilst remaining robust. It's exemplary automatic mechanical movement, 40-hour power reserve, 100 meters depth waterproofness (crown, tube, and screwed bottom) In-addition the serene pearl grey dial (Capsule, the heart of the watch) has sun finishes and relief indices for that exquisite touch.

Legibility is excellent as the hands are substantially filled with luminous paint to be highly functionalin low light conditions. Such a stylish companion that always impresses with its quick and easy patented titanium EVOL fastener, class of quality. Adding additional personality to your timepiece is unique serial number engraving.

Technical characteristics:

  • Mirage Capsule, the heart of the watch (pearl grey dial)

  • Swiss Made automatic mechanical movement (hours and date functions)

  • Power reserve of 40 hours

  • 100 meters depth waterproofness (crown, tube and screwed bottom)

  • Anti-scratch, anti-reflective sapphire glasses

  • Pearl grey dial, sun finishes

  • Luminescent hands and relief indexes

  • Quick and easy patented titanium EVOL fastener

  • Unit serial number engraved

  • Mirage Carrure, the body of the watch

  • Satin brushed finished stainless steel case

  • Diameter : 39,6 mm

  • Thickness : 11 mm with capsule

  • Horn to horn : 45,2 mm

  • Mirage Bracelet (nut leather) and Courage Bracelet (Black Rubber) offered, the dress of the watch

  • Quilted nut nappa leather bracelet

  • Offered natural rubber bracelet

  • "Flash" easy quick fastener

  • Steel Hegid pin buckle

  • Hegid Ecrin, the watch box :

  • Wooden case with interior made of soft material, for maximum protection during transport

  • Evolutivity of the interior space, studied so that your watch and its futures can cohabit in a single box