Jacques Bianchi Marseille - The re-edition of the JB 200 funded in just 9 minutes!

The iconic JB 200 diver watch has officially been reborn as the brand Jacques Bianchi Marseille celebrates a 527% funding of their original kickstarter aim.

Mr Jacques Bianchi at the Vieux Port of Marseille, 2021

The newly relaunched brand originally set out a target goal of 150,000€ in order to produce the re-edition of the iconic JB 200 diver watch on the platform 'Kickstarter'. A divers watch that was originally ordered by the French navy in the early 1980's.

As watch enthusiasts from around the world caught wind of the re-edition along with Jacques Bianchis' rapidly growing online presence. The Jacques Bianchi team were in for a surprise...

The Marseille based brand found their Kickstarter project to be completely funded in less than just 9 minutes of their launch!

Jacques Bianchi JB 200, 2021 edition

A touching messages was shortly posted on the social media pages of Jacques Bianchi from the master craftsman himself.

“A very big thank you from the bottom of my heart to the whole community. It is a great joy for a watchmaker to see this perpetual movement of sympathy which makes this new watch even more beautiful and endearing than its older sister. I was very touched by the fact that many of you supported the revival of the JB 200.

What you are able to appreciate today is a combination of teamwork from concept to manufacture and promotion. I hope it will accompany you in good hours, great dives or just to keep track of time passing or coming!

May it bring you new adventures like those of the famous sailors who wrote my Marseille watchmaking history.

I would never have been able to succeed in this new challenge without Fabrice and Simo who assured me of all their skills, for that they are warmly thanked.

This gives me confidence that our beautiful country, the main cradle of mechanical watchmaking, can continue to ensure the enthusiastic transmission of the French "savoir-faire" to which I have devoted my life.

Thank you and don't forget: the world is a clock and in order to be able to turn, it needs a watchmaker! » Jacques Bianchi

On Juy 15th 2021, the Kickstarter campaign came to a close with an incredible 527% funding. The brand later announced that the re-editon of the JB 200 will be a limited series of 1393 watches. We can not help but wonder if there is a hidden significance of this series number. 13 being the national area code of the French port city Marseille, along with 93 the year in which Marseille won the UEFA Champions League Final.

Either way we are excited to see what the brand has to offer next! Visit the Kickstarter page here - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jb200/jacques-bianchi-jb-200-iconic-diver-watch-re-edition Official website - https://www.jacquesbianchi.com