Jacques Bianchi x Musée Subaquatique de Marseille

Anchored in the world of diving for a long time, the watchmaking house Jacques Bianchi is pleased to announce its partnership with the Underwater Museum of Marseille.

Located offshore in Marseille, the Underwater Museum is a remarkable site consisting of an underwater space dedicated to art, marine biology, water sports and environmental protection. It offers the experience to discover an underwater art gallery composed of ten sculptures submerged to 5 meters under water and 100 meters off the beach of the Catalans. Listed as a ground-breaking cultural attraction of iconic Marseille, it’s a unique experience at a time when many places of culture are wondering about the implementation of new modes of mediation. The Underwater Museum of Marseille offers total immersion: the experience of an unprecedented encounter with the underwater environment and observation in vivo of a relationship between man and nature. A relationship whose scope is intended to be positive and inspiring.

Relaunched in 2021, the Jacques Bianchi watchmaking house has always forged strong links with the underwater world. Since the 1970s, Marseille watchmaker Jacques Bianchi has been passionate about diving and has multiplied strategies to improve the waterproofing processes of watches that many seafaring professionals, including those of COMEX, entrust to him in his workshop located opposite the Old Port. Friend of freediver Jacques Mayol, Jacques Bianchi loves the beauty of the deep sea. He also likes to listen to the underwater journeys that his friends tell him, in particular Albert Falco, famous Marseille diver and second to Commander Cousteau. "Listening to them detail their fabulous underwater adventures, I felt like I was diving with them, while staying at my workbench," Jacques Bianchi recalls. This year, the success of the reissue of the JB200 watch, which has been allocated to the French Navy, underlines this tradition.

The partnership signed between the Underwater Museum of Marseille and the Jacques Bianchi watchmaking house is part of this dynamic. "This association is almost natural" explains Jacques Bianchi. “The world of diving has always inspired my watchmaking creations. Becoming a partner of the Underwater Museum of Marseille was obvious. On the sidelines of the Congress of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) which will end on September 10 in the city of Marseille, the Underwater Museum of Marseille and watchmaking house Jacques Bianchi will offer the fantastic experience of a first scuba diving session, to 33 lucky visitors to this extraordinary museum. A unique opportunity to become aware of the importance of preserving the Mediterranean ecosystem.