John M Flaux: Le GUÉPARD (Cheetah) clock Presenting an innovative world first.

Based in Morteau, John-Mikaël Flaux is an independent Art watchmaker-designer. Specializing in the art of mechanics, John ingeniously pushes the boundaries of time, to create horological wonders which change the representation of time. Infusing them with life they flawlessly measure time and evoke emotion. Such as the Cheetah Clock, poetically striking on the hour, the cheetah’s movements and limbs are crafted in the same time-honoured tradition of fine clockmaking. The mechanism sets every part of the cheetah in motion, in a hybrid, mechanical-animal show. With the Cheetah its hunting prowess shapes the passage of time.

This combination of technical virtuosity and visionary approach is limited to just five editions worldwide. Once commissioned the creation of your personalised piece commences. Handmade it requires a month to complete, the spectacular build process involves meticulously assembling, by hand 205 tailored components, including   Poetic striking complication, Passing striking mechanism, with repetition on demand, meshed gears and delicate springs. Moving  nonstop 24 hours a day, some parts do so with  poetic silence, others musically announce their presence,  together they bring to you all the grace and feline charm of a purring cheetah ,right down to the dark tear drop markings on the cheeks.

Passionate since childhood watchmaking is for him one of the most beautiful mechanics in the world, driven by his passion he embraced a prestigious career, including being named creator -watchmaker of the year in 2015. His limitless imagination, love of automaton, and love for the endangered cheetah inspired him to design and create the astonishing Cheetah Clock. Modelled on the outline of a running cheetah, fluid movement, speed, grace and precise movement are the dominant themes.  Truly captivating the head moves with the rack, the aesthetic prowess of the abdomen displays the release lever spring. As you listen to the hour strike, gaze in admiration of  the strong hind leg movement.

Powered by a hand-wound mechanical movement it provides up to 45 our power reserve. Another beautiful thing about this complication is the interaction with its owner, a pleasurable turn of the crown transmits a force to power the spectacular Automaton. Appearing to move naturally with lightness and grace the cheetah advances to the precise rhythm of the movement. In keeping with traditional horology, the brave, proud body is made of two materials, tempered steel and golden brass. Polished to an ultra-smooth finish this spectacular fusion between animal and clockwork is a poetic reminder of the passage of time and fulfilling of dreams.

Displaying an abundance of watchmaking savoir-faire, the Cheetah stands 30*10*10 cm. Positioned in front of a thought-provoking celestial painted background, the midnight blue perfectly complements the mechanism's brushed steel and golden brass. Created by artist Line Descombes, the image of dawn breaking represents hope, whilst the distant stars invoke a sense of wonder and universe of possibilities.

Presented its own customised box, this treasured piece of clock making history is a sight to behold & cherish.

Visit https://www.john-mikael-flaux.com/guepard.php to find out more.