Only Watch 2021A rare collaboration : La Réciproque Trilobe par Daniel Buren © Trilobe

Pure Trilobe horology embraces Buren the French artist whose best -known work is Les Deux Plateaux, in the inner courtyard of the Palais-Royal in Paris.

Famous for his signature stripes, Daniel Buren-one of the world’s best-known living artists is putting his name to the sculptural horological work of art La Réciproque. Born in Boulogne -Billancourt France, Bruen rarely collaborates however considering it’s credential Trilobe and the worthy cause is supporting the Monegasque Association against Muscular dystrophy (AMM) is to support scientific and medical research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), at the Only Watch 2021 it's a pairing of highly creative excellence to create an executed by hand , incredibly unique clock built on an exquisite movement that truly is a work of art. What an unmissable investment -what a worthy cause.

A one-off luxury creation the La Réciproque is a sculptural work of art displaying an incredible way of marking time: Forms, colours and meanings find their reciprocal, as the hours, minutes and seconds dance around each other. Black and white marry to the beating of a red heart, verticality is amused by circularity. Whilst the frantic race of the “X-Centric” rings overlaps the verticality of the 8.7cm wide strips. Amazingly beautiful to observe colours leave and find each other again. What's more twice daily shapes finally align themselves 02:13pm- the exact time of the very first meeting between Daniel & Trilobe. Genius. This creative clock design really says it all, after all, time is a boundless entity.

Produced by precision engineering the unique D-Centric Calibre is the fruit of many months of surpassing technical challenges. Featuring excellent finishes of traditional watch making, this exceptional handmade calibre has been designed as the scarlet beating heart and carries all the codes of the Trilobe’s signature X-Centric Calibre.

The auction will be held on November 6th, 2021 in Geneva