SEMPER & ADHUC: Immédiate originale Elegant minimalism with a restored vintage heart

Born of a childhood passion and spirit that truly defines horology, Semper & Adhuc are an ethical and inspirational, young French watch brand that create watches which fulfil the happiest way to tell time, and to live with time. Bridging the gap between old and new, each remarkable steel case cradles a meticulously restored movement, manufactured between the thirties and the sixties.

With skills honed at Patek Phillipe, master craftsman and founder Colin de Tonnac set out to do things differently. His mission is simple, to make to make fine French watches with vintage hand wound movements, lovingly restored with the utmost attention. Each softly curved timepiece is designed, hand assembled and adjusted in France and made with premium materials like high grade 316L stainless steel and scratch-resistant crystal sapphire. Worn in all four corners of the globe, these refined timepieces are unique in the true sense of the word. Limited to 150 models per annum, a mere passing glimpse certainly shows they are elegant, precise, supremely durable and stunning.

Creative and innovative Semper & Adhuc diligently blend centuries old techniques with modern production means, such as 3D numeric printing. Combining a refined and modern aesthetic their collection was created for new watch enthusiasts and professional horologists alike. Striving to fortify the bond between you and your timepiece, they pair the softly shaped cases with exquisite bands created by leather craftsman Vincent Jacquinot. Dedicated to quality assurance only leather from France is selected. Such commitment to quality and service helps accomplish their goal and dress your wrist with luxury and sublime comfort.

Images: https://semperadhuc.fr/

Brimming with beauty the Immédiate Originale has a softer square with a refined minimalist nude face. Serenely calm its tailored with minimum indicators two slender hands and six classic simplicity numerals. Taking inspiration from you the positioning of the crown is of your choice. Whether left or right as you wind each day, take notice how your bond deepens with this remarkable mechanical wonder. For those of you seeking a more enhanced tailored experience, round or oval, this beautiful French collection encompasses highly customizable choices, face or strap its essentially up to you. Semper wish to engage with you on your personal journey to forging your treasured timepiece.

Beautifuly packaged - the Semper & Adhuc timepeices are available here - https://semperadhuc.fr/