Sempher & Adhuc : Instant Lip Limited to 20 watches Pre-orders open May 04,2021 at 20:00

Invest in impressive, with this distinct and different preserved and restored, newly designed hybrid.

Sempher & Adhuc, where restored second-time around becomes newly designed and exclusively yours. Perfectly fitting for both men and women the Instant LIP celebrates the precious beauty of two French watch brands twined into one. Rooted in the past, but essentially modern a heritage LIP movement beats at the heart of this new Sempher & Adhuc model. Round in shape the 37mm small case recalls the delightful size of watches of yesterday. As for the strap, it’s top level luxury French leather. Crafted in Bordeaux by artisan Vincent Jacquinot each strap is handmade so you can be sure of an original. Select the option of custom engraving to add a piece of your personal history to your exclusive timepiece.

Invest in the impressive case, movement, dial, hands and bracelet the Instant Lip is imagined, designed, manufactured and assembled in France. Intriguing to look at the double signature dial is a finesse of grey, white and pink. Dressed with two stick shaped needles it has a character and personality all of its own and one that you are certain to find charming.

Diligently restored the manual winding calibre LIP R100 was made by Lip from 1958 to 1970. And as expected the movement runs flawlessly. Designed to be engaging this R100 culmination of watchmaking miniaturization can be viewed through the background eyepiece. French through and through, just below the eyepiece sits the house of LIP eagle logo symbolizing Besançon and adorned with two needles as a tribute to the watchmaking tradition of the city.

Further attributes are the way that it gives you freedom of creative choice with bespoke crown orientation, engraved with the logo of the brand and it has a partial notching at 240°. In addition to the luxury of choosing an additional strap. It’s your choice from a winning selection of three bracelet lengths.

Clearly meeting the refined expressive look, it’s nice to know pre-orders open May 4th and it's good to know the true "Fabrique en France" collection is strictly limited to 20 models.

A human sized brand the level of commitment to quality assurance, the environment and anchoring of ancestral heritage is clearly evident in both Sempher and Adhucs’s philosophy and actual products. They are able to achieve this an ancestral know-how in watch making by crafting limited quantities of 150 watches per year on average. 20 of which are the Instant Lip timepiece. Which is delivered in a beautifully presented machined cork and hot gold cardboard case. Closing with an with an elegant Japanese fastener included is the user manual and international warranty, as well as the tool that allows you to change your own bracelet with ease.