Timeworld 2019 is an inspiring international multidisciplinary convention which challenges the concept of time. Time is familiar to everyone, yet hard to define and understand. The 'second' is the modern international unit of time and synchronised clocks remain in agreement. Yet we know from Einstein's special and general relativity that time is relative. Philosophy, religion, science and arts all have varied definitions of time, so what, exactly, is time? Ask those who joined this years Timeworld's community. Raising a phenomenal amount of questions on the phenomenal subject of time. This three day event was held on November 21, 22 and 23 at the Science and Industry museum in Paris.

As anticipated this years event was a spectacular arena of 60 conferences, 5 round tables and over 70 educational workshops, with three exceptional shows and contributions from the general public the space brought together: horologists, artists, academics researchers, students, and industry. (amongst others). The theme here is time and time can be found on mobile phones, kitchen cookers, billboards, computers and wristwatches. Exhibiting their masterpieces of time keeping were French brands, Lip, Fob, Hegid, Pierre Lannier and other highly creative horologists such as Michel Herbelin and Bodet to name just a few. Thought provoking  discussions alongside some of the most innovative and aesthetically beautiful watches in the the world, in this respect time really does fly when you're  having fun.

Conceived by and co-produced with Innovaxiom, Timeworld is an open invitation to share points of view, expertise, experience, and new ideas on the never ending spiral of time. The structure is based on four pillars: measured time, evolution time, perceived time, and time in art. With over 500m2 of exhibition space the journey to fully engage in sharing knowledge through visual art, in depth discussions and culture is immense. Time isn't something we can see, touch, or taste, yet we measure its past, present and future. Does time have a beginning, will time end, only time will tell? Our French speakers can enjoy the full reportage now live on our YouTube channel -https://www.youtube.com/watch