UNAM Besançon: VÉNUS White

Own an Exquisite “Working” Work of Art.

UNAM-Besançon is a trademark registered by the creator-watchmaker Philippe Lebru, whose company has been based in Besançon since 1993, the cradle of French watchmaking. Trademark of the designer: revisiting time by creating unique, surprising and subversive watches.

Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty this Unam timepiece fabulously orbits your day with you. Encapsulated in a round polished stainless-steel case is an incredible poetic, serene white dial equipped with vibrant red hands which on the occasions meet to form a delicate heart. Embracing the wonder of time, they meet in the universal symbol of love and beauty. Making a unique gift for that special occasion each timepiece is engraved with a serial number for authenticity; there's no better way to celebrate life and all its moments.

Inherently positive the Venus displays time in a unique 12-hour way by markers in the form of lines and comes beautifully dressed in a range of four coloured bracelets. From day to night she conceals a superbly accurate Ronda 763-1N3P Swiss quartz movement which never needs winding. Cut from the softest of leathers and crafted in SIS, Valdahon leather workshops (which stands for high quality) the 20cm strap embraces the wrist in ergonomic perfection and beauty. Embellished with a smoothly polished silver stainless steel buckle for a secure fastening, the Venus beautifully consolidates an effortless style.