Utinam : Hortence Constence Intensely elegant, seductive sculpture clock

Standing graceful and tall the 2.2 metre Hortence sculpture clock presents a fine and calming presence. Beautifully curved her structure cradles an exclusive mechanical movement, caressing time her rhythm is emotional, the more you gaze the more enthralling she becomes.

Presence and purity, playful, pretty and provocative, the Utinam Constence collection is an amazing celebration of life, art, strength, beauty and time. Just as the Eiffel tower silhouettes the Parisian sky with strength and grace, this slender model in brushed stainless steel elegantly asserts her presence within all interiors. Folded and curved she poses proud whilst being airy with her round face adorned with petal shaped mirror polished steel hour markers.

Behind the slender lines of her arched spine nestles an exquisite wind up key ,which kindles the Philippe Lebru self-balancing pendulum movement. Marking time with extreme precision and refinement this patented concept which was awarded Grand Prix at the international Lépine competition in Paris and the Gold medal of clock making at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. Poetic yet functioning perfectly the movement beats like a heart caressing time.

Her eight day energy majestically releases seconds into hours and days into nights. Beautifully hypnotic every back and forth swing delivers a sweet tick followed by proud tock.  Her sheer ingenuity inspires , such a wonderful  presence to have in your life and home.

Discover more about the French brand Utinam by visting their official website - https://utinam.fr/