Utinam: Météorite - A self-winding remnant of time and space.

Crafted by space, heat and the forces of the galaxy this fragment of a 4.5 billion year old meteorite journeyed to Besançon France to become part of 12 exclusive timepeices. Considering the Météorite literally is "out of this world," it's no surprise Utinam founder and innovative inventor Philippe Lebru worked with insatiable passion designing this incredible fusion of time and matter into a unique self winding mechanical watch.

Using extra-terrestrial Gibeon meteorite fashioned into an utterly unique dial, the once dull metal is almost unrecognisable after hours of exquisite polishing and acid etched finishing that amplifies the unique texture and pattern of each watch. Almost iridescent in appearance the mystical dial features moon-white hands and hour markers. Sparkling like ice crystals the hands orbit the streaky mineral dial which is equipped with a dual time zone at 6 o'clock and date window at 12. Both of which are animated by the Franche-Comté additional movement plate. With a water resistance of 30 metres the rough-cut celestial silver case, is enlivened with a stainless steel bezel engraved with the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Utilising a precision self-winding TT65 calibre movement each collectable timepiece pays witness to the skill and craftsmanship of Utinam and guarantees chronometric quality. Presented with a Besançon Viper stamp certificate, a most notable symbol of excellence and quality imbued with a historical and cultural heritage sought after and envied by the entire world.

Richly infused with refinement the Météorite truly is a piece of eternity on your wrist. A midnight black alligator skin strap, with a folding buckle keep the perfect blend of strength and softness intact while comfortably securing the watch in place. This stellar watch literally not of this earth comes in an elegant case sheathed in leather complete with an aluminium presentation tube for optimal viewing of the extra- terrestrial slice of natural history.