YEMA Rewards with exclusive pre-sales of latest all-terrain luxury tool watch.

Premium in every aspect this double domed sapphire masterpiece reinterprets the iconic 1960s Meangraf - truly transitional with its Neo-Vintage nature. Incorporating modern watchmaking technology and design the MEANGRAF SOUS-MARINE Y60 turns heads with its higher grades, and purity of case metals of privilege steel, privilege bronze and the privilege platinum.

Upgrades include: the second generation YEMA2000 IN-HOUSE CALIBER, offering a 42-hour power reserve. Luminous material – SUPERLUMINOVA® BGW9, applied to the hands, dial markers and bezel graduation this technology delivers long life super brightness and perfectly readability whether 300 metre below sea or enjoying a culinary experience from your favourite rooftop restaurant.

With the ability to take you where you need to be this helium escape valve timepiece has a beautiful complex case structure, with an easily manipulated recessed bezel. Defined as a tool watch, yet, thanks to YEMA and their never-ending quest for perfection through research and development the Meangraf is exceedingly refined.

Displaying perfect proportions Diameter: 39 mm, Thickness: 11.60 mm, Lug: 20 mm the 316L stainless steel case has elegant brushed-polished finishes. In addition, the technical advancements in the bracelet upgrades department, showcase fantastic results: daily use vintage leather, rich in blackness and comfort this perforated design as the ability to take on a beautiful patina over time.

Evoking images of ancient sports cars’ steering wheel it securely fastens with a new all improved high-quality YEMA engraved steel buckle. As well as being excellent as an everyday watch, this all-terrain piece extends its excellence with a professional use RUBBER FKM VITON ® BAND. Specifically designed for the MEANGRAF, this key and defining characteristic has been engineered for intensive use in all extreme conditions.

Designed to reward loyal YEMA members first, this limited edition 250 pieces per model excuses offer is available to pre-order 7TH TO 15TH APRIL 2022. Platinum, bronze or steel discover YEMA excellence and privileges.